My Wellness Story

I was raised on Tide Detergent, Yankee Candles, Bath and Body Works, and Wonder Bread.  I never once considered that the products I bought at the store could be undermining my health.  And I certainly never thought that the food and drinks I consumed could be full of anything that could hurt me.  After all, this is America.  We have agencies who are supposed to be protecting us!  The American heart association and the food pyramid were created to keep me healthy, right?!?

So how did I end up in the mess I was in?  I was 42 and my husband was 45.  But we were not living above the wellness line.  I was over weight and frustrated that nothing seemed to work for me to lose it.  I had developed a thyroid condition and my hormones were out-of-order.  My husband had developed cancer of the prostate.  We were stressed and unable to rest sufficiently.  It was a period of awakening for me.  I began to research.  I discovered words like phthalates, petrochemicals, parabens, and toxins.

In my research I learned that many of these synthetic chemicals, allowed by government agencies, and clearly printed on the labels in my home, were known endocrine disrupters!  This was specifically where our wellness issues were occurring.  I knew immediately that I needed to figure out how to clean up my lifestyle so I could finish my life in good health and with stamina.  About this same time, I realized everything I was eating was crippling my efforts at healthy living.

I researched and learned that some of the most common things I consumed were full of toxins as well.  They were literally overloading my cells and keeping me fat and sick.  These were things like sugar, wheat, and preservatives.  I was a carb addict, a diet coke addict, and a packaged food addict.

So what could I do?  The idea of throwing away a pantry stocked with this stuff and trashing hundreds of dollars worth of foods, cleaning supplies, toiletries, makeup, home fragrance products turned my stomach.  But then, so did my new knowledge of the harm they were doing to me and my family…

During my research I had come across information about chemical free living from a company I was already familiar with.  In fact, I was member of it.  I had purchased a Premium Starter Kit of Essential Oils from Young Living from my mother.  I began to learn more about these cute little bottles of good smelling stuff.  I realized I had what I needed to begin a new journey.

This was a year-long process for me.  I started by changing my diet first.  I cleaned out my pantry of everything in a box or package.  I started drinking water or tea with lemon oil.  I started cooking with fresh ingredients that were as close to how they occurred in nature as possible.  I cut out sugar and wheat immediately.  I began eating more fats, moderate protein and very few carbs.  My husband joined and supported this decision.  I began using oils to support healthy sleep and relaxation.  I started taking a walk everyday.  This revolutionized my energy level and attitude toward life.

Then I tackled the toxins in my home.  I purged all my products with artificial fragrances like plug-ins, candles, and toiletries.  I started using my diffuser and making personal care items with essential oils instead.  I discovered that there a tons of resources/recipes online to do this.  I tossed a lot of things but others were a transition to something better after what I had run out.  I switched to Thieves products for cleaning, The ART line for skin care, and the Savvy line of makeup.  I even ditched our old toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorants etc… All these things are free of toxins and I actually like them better!

Over that year, I also started to really build up my collection of essential oils.  I researched them and read studies on which ones would support the system of the body I wanted to support.  I began using many oils everyday.  I added in some essential oil based supplement.  As I made these changes several things happened:  I lost weight, I had more energy, I got sick very little, I slept better, I looked better,I smelled great and so did my house, my house was cleaner, the body systems that were sluggish and troublesome began to function better and much more.  Oils do not diagnose, treat, or heal diseases.  But 100% therapeutic grade oils do affect wellness by supporting the healthy functions of the body.

Now I can’t help but share what these decisions have done for my family.  Many people are overwhelmed to think about a radical change of lifestyle like this.  Many are suspicious of the MLM I have chosen to use as the source of my products.  Many are worried about the expense.  But many have tried them and experienced similar results.

I’ve found that I actually save money on this lifestyle.  I don’t pay the premium price of packaged foods.  I don’t buy a cabinet full of different cleaners.  I don’t pay medical bills due to illness as much.  I take advantage of my membership and essential rewards to get wholesale pricing, discounted shipping, and cash back.  I make many of my own products.

My question would be what do you have to lose?  These oils and foods are made by God through nature for our good.  It seems to me like manufactured, chemical laden, processed, and synthetic products are the real thing to be suspicious of.  If you are interested in learning more about Young Living oils or products, I would be happy to visit with you, send you some literature, or invite you to a class (online or in person).  I provide many educational opportunities, as well, to assist you with a healthy lifestyle and teach you how to use your oils.  Leave me a comment if you would like more information.  And visit my website to read about the products or sign up as a member/customer:

Freedom, vitality, and wellness in your own life is up to you.  If you find yourself wanting more of these things in your life, take the next step.  As always, I am here to support you and never pressure.  I hope to hear from you,

Lori Frank

Essential Wellness

Young Living Independent Distributor

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