A Day In The Life Of An Oily Me


Since I began my Oily Journey a few years ago, I have gone from having the cute little bottles of oil from my starter kit sitting and looking cute (but unused) in my bedroom to including oils in every moment of my day.  The effect has been revolutionary for my health and wellness.  There are many stories I could tell you, but I want to be FDA compliant.  So I’ll just say, I am well, thriving, full of energy and ready to face life with joy every morning.

I got serious about Oiling when my 46-year-old husband got cancer.  I was also dealing with health issues and 40 pounds heavier.  After Bruce’s diagnosis, we decided together to change our lifestyle.  We both went grain and sugar-free and began buying organic foods when possible and washing them with a nontoxic wash.  We also began a quest to rid our lives of toxic substances in our personal care, diet, and household maintenance.

I was shocked to learn of all the chemicals in the everyday products we were raised on, believing they were safe.  Over about a year we replaced our toxic items each month as money would allow.  We now cook with only cast iron, copper or stone.  We use glass or stainless steel for food and drink.  We use our Young Living 100% therapeutic oils, supplements, and products daily.  It has become a lifestyle.  And as the gatekeeper of what comes into my home and family, I try to make sure we are protected from things like petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, and endocrine disrupters in our personal care items since our health issues seemed to be originating at the hormonal level.

     Today I wanted to give you a glimpse of the ways Young Living products are used in our home each day: 

Waking up:  I apply Endoflex Oil to my neck to support and balance my Thyroid health.  I take my morning supplements with breakfast.  They include SulfurzymeMultigreens, and NingXia Red. Hubby takes the Ningxia Red and also adds Ningxia Nitro.  We place a drop of Thieves Vitality Essential Oil under our tongue.

Starting the day:  I get an essential oil diffuser going with an oil or blend that will energize us.  I love to do a combo of LemonPeppermint, and Lavender in the morning to energize and uplift.

Getting Ready:  We use Thieves ToothpasteThieves Mouthwash, and Thieves Dental Floss.  We use Lavender Oatmeal SoapLavender Bath & Shower Gel, and Mirah Shave Oil.  I use Meadow Mist Deodorant.  Bruce isn’t ready to give up his Right Guard just yet, but I am working on it:)


Skin Care:  I use the Art Skin Care System and Sensation Hand & Body Lotion.

After dressing:  I apply whatever oil I feel my body needs that day for emotional, physical, spiritual or mental support.  Today is a day I’m wearing Stress Away oil on my neck and Peppermint on my wrists and under my nose.  I reapply all day with whatever oil I need at the moment.  I make little roller bottles to keep in my purse.  Everywhere I go people stop me to ask what that beautiful fragrance is.  I have not worn perfume in over a year.  You can see the full array of oils and blends available here.

Meals:  I love to prepare foods and drinks with oils as seasoning.  They taste great and also give me therapeutic benefits.  I love keeping a stainless steel water bottle with me at all times.  I always add some oils to it.  My favorites are Lemon, grapefruit, and citrus fresh.  Citrus Fresh is a blend of circus oils but also has a refreshing addition of spearmint. I use oils in cooking too.  Every herb you can imagine using is in the Vitality line of dietary oils.


Cleaning:  I will not use toxic chemicals to clean my home, my hands, my dishes, or my laundry.  I use Thieves dish soap, laundry detergent, hand soap, hand sanitizer, fruit and veggie wash, dishwasher detergent, and household cleaner exclusively.  I love the non-toxic and super effective line of Home Care products available.


Exercise:  We try to stay active every day.  Along with that comes the need to relieve the everyday aches and pains that come at our age.  So at the end of the day both of us like to use either PanAway or Deep Relief on our shoulders, back and knees.  We usually do this after dinner while watching a movie, ball game or catching up on the evening news.

Bedtime Supplements:  I take more Sulfurzyme, but I also take a probiotic called Life 9, and Thyromin to support a healthy metabolism.  I use this due to a thyroid disorder.  Not everyone needs this.  I also apply Progessence Plus Serum to both forearms for hormone balance.  I hate having my sleep disturbed by hot flashes!

Bedtime:  Sleep is vital to wellness so you can bet that we are gonna oil up and oil up our pets too when needed.  We apply them as well as keeping a Diffuser by our bedside.  Some of our most relaxing and calming oils we use are Lavender, Cedar Wood, and Peace and Calming II.

If we fall below the wellness line:  We use Thieves Cough drops, R.C., or Raven for times when congestion of illness strikes.  There are many oils that provide excellent immune support.  You can look at the full line of Targeted Support products for all you body systems.

My collection of oils, products and supplements did not happen over night.  So there is no need to get overwhelmed at replacing everything you use at once.  I joined Young Living with a Premium Starter Kit  (Pictured below) of the most popular everyday oils.  It came with a diffuser for free.  That got me going.  Then each month I ordered something new through the Essential Rewards program.  With my membership I save 24% on everything I buy, plus with my rewards I get points for free items every month.  And Young Living gives us amazing deals each month for free in their monthly Promos.

Starter Kit My mission is live well and love well.  It is also to help others find wellness in all areas of their lives.  You can begin your journey in wellness and chemical free living too by joining Young Living.  To get started you just need to order your own Premium starter kit.  Are you ready to make that choice for your own oily life?  You can, by clicking this link and following the prompts: click here to order your kit

I can also discuss the income opportunity Young Living offers with you if you desire.  I got started in the business by simply sharing with my friends and family.  The next thing I knew, I was getting most of my order paid for each month just from sharing a product that was changing my life.  Feel free to contact me if you are interested in chatting about that!  Fill out and send the contact form below:)


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