Dealing With the Toxin of Stress


My previous post was about different environmental chemical toxins.  But did you know that we can poison our own bodies with unmitigated stress?  Stress is a fact of life for all of us.  Can you say tax season, elections cycles, crazy schedules?  Yes!  Stress is everywhere.  Then add on the stresses of not taking care of our bodies by eating nutrient poor packaged foods, carrying more weight than is healthy, not moving enough and not resting and we develop a dangerous cocktail of stress hormones that cause major physical side effects.

The first step is always to make efforts to reduce our stressors.  We can take control of our schedules and make time for rest and recreation.  We can work through our painful emotions in a healthy way.  We can refocus our spiritual practices of prayer, meditation, worship, and Sabbath.  We can work on our boundaries with people and events that trigger stress and anxiety.  We can prioritize caring for our bodies through nutrition and exercise.  These are all urgently necessary.  But in the moment, during an unavoidable stressful time, essential oils can play a big role in helping our bodies and minds cope.

Essential oils are not a cure for stress.  But they can support us as we face it.  Studies have shown that they decrease muscle tension, lower blood pressure and heart rate, and work through our limbic system to help our glands release the good hormones to battle the bad ones.  One of the best things about essential oils is that they can be utilized through several channels.  They can be applied topically, adding the powerful healing benefit of touch.  But they can also be used through inhalation.  I want to share the oils that I use most to battle stress and the damages it can cause.


I will take a drop of one of the following oils into the palm of my hands and rub them together.  I then will cup my hands over my nose and mouth and take several deep cleansing breaths:  Peppermint, lemon, Peace and Calming, or Stress Away.

I wear a diffuser necklace with Harmony Blend for times when I may be involved with people who are out of sorts with each other or dealing with painful situations.  The frequencies of the oils in this blend help to deal with the frequencies of grief, anger, trauma, and frustration.

I glued a chenille puff to a clothes pin and clipped it on my AC vent in my car.  I put a drop of Lavender oil in it to keep me calm while driving.

I use my home diffuser with various citrus oils or blends like Joy, Hope, or Frankincense and Cedarwood.

Topical application:

I tend to carry my stress in my neck and shoulders or it manifests as a tension headache.  I rub Wintergreen or PanAway on my palms and the soles of my feet.

I add Lavender to a mix of epsom salts and baking soda for relaxing foot or bath soak.

I never leave home without my Stress Away roll-on in my purse.  I swipe it on my wrists and neck.  People always stop me to tell me a smell amazing!  Little do they know I’m just trying to ease my stress:)


I add a drop of Bergamot into a full glass of ice water or unsweetened iced tea.  This oil is super photosensitive so to avoid sun damage I stick to using it this way.  This is the oil that flavors earl grey tea so it is very delicious and the aroma is so settling to me.


I’ll end with a story… Last week we had a very stressful week.  My husband and I just weren’t blending our emotions very well.  I kept getting my feelings hurt and misinterpreting things he said or did.  We were just “off”.  We had a crazy schedule and some stressful things going on with trying to do too much.  So one night near the end of the week, I made dinner and got the diffuser going with Release oil (a MUST for a home with two control freaks) in the house before he got home.  I dabbed some harmony on my neck and greeted him with a big smile and a hug as he walked in.  We turned off our phones and all the noise from TV.  We ate dinner, talked about happy things, and prayed together.  I rubbed his shoulders with Stress Away and he massaged some on to my feet as we watched a movie. After a great night’s sleep with Peace and Calming II going in the bedside diffuser, we were back on track, de-stressed and ready to tackle all our weekend projects as a team.  This is just one example of how the Young Living oils make life better.  They don’t work if you don’t take control of the circumstance and reconnect your focus on your values and priorities.  But when you combine them with a commitment to wellness, they make everything else bloom.

Feel free to comment of contact me if you would like more information or would like to place an order.  I’m also here for any questions or concerns you might have.  You can read for about the products mentioned on my website here.  I’d love to pray for you or help in any way I can.  Thanks for sharing your time today.



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