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Toxins are all around us.  There is really no way to avoid toxins completely.  They are in our water, our air, our food and our personal hygiene items.  We operate cars, we mow our lawn,etc… You get the point.  Our bodies are designed to be very good at filtering and purifying things that could harm us from our bloodstream.  Our liver, spleen, lung, kidneys, skin, and gut work to protect us.  Our body will even encapsulate toxins into our fats stored on our body to keep it away from vital organs. But even if you are not manifesting signs and symptoms, the fact that your body is using energy and resources to combat toxicity is damaging.  It is a distraction process from the things it really needs to do for you like metabolism, hormone regulation, and thinking.

Over time, your body begins to lose the battle and these toxins can build up.  That is why we need to cleanse our colon, liver, and lymph often.  It is why we need to use our essential oils, especially citrus oils to detox.  But why not support the body’s efforts by eliminating the source of many toxins from even contaminating us in the first place?

There are literally thousands of toxins we could tackle.  Many are toxic to the environment.  But I want to focus on a few that most of us have in our homes and use to clean, or for personal hygiene.

For wellness, remember that eliminating toxins is the first step.  Read those labels folks!  I’m going to mention several and them offer a safe alternative after:

  1.  Parabens-  Parabens are in most commercially made cleaners.  They are also in cosmetics and lotions.  Parabens are chemically similar to estrogen and can disrupt estrogen balance in the body.  The are toxic to our entire endocrine system.  So if one hormone gets imbalanced they all get imbalanced.  Hormones regulate every system in our body.  Parabens are one of the reason so many young girls begin menstruation at such a young age, as young as 8.
  2. BPA-  Is a plastic.  It is used in drink bottles, and to line cans of food or drinks.  It does all the same things as Parabens.  It can leach into our water, especially if the plastic heats up.  Think about drinking from that plastic water bottle after it was stored in your garage or in your car.
  3. Fragrance/Flavoring-  Companies list “fragrance” or “flavorings” on a label, but they don’t have to tell you that it was made in a lab from synthetic chemicals.  If your cleaner or cosmetic/hygiene item has “fragrance” that is not a natural thing like and essential oil, avoid it.  The same is true for “flavorings” or even “natural flavorings”.  A natural flavoring could be fruit juice, honey, or essential oil.  But it could also be aspartame or MSG.
  4. Formaldehyde-  Once this chemical was used to embalm the dead.  Now it is used as a preservative in everyday products and is a known carcinogen. It is found in salon hair treatments, nail polishes and even in fabrics of our clothes.  Look for formalin, methylene glycol on the label.  Ask for formaldehyde free products at the salon.
  5. Phthalates- These are toxic compounds used to soften vinyl.  It is in flooring materials, toys, shower curtains, detergents, mini-blinds.  It has been banned in pacifiers, baby bottles and nipples.  It is in most commercial cleaners, body washes, shampoos, and face washes.
  6. Petroleum byproducts  From that styrofoam cup you got in the drive-thru to the mineral oil in your makeup, petroleum products are everywhere…Vapor rub, petroleum jelly, It is even in many packaged foods such as mac&cheese, fruit roll-ups, and M&Ms.  These toxins are stored in our fat forever unless they are cleansed.
  7. Triclosan-  This is a toxic chemical in many commercial products.  It is in deodorant, in hand sanitizer, in toothpaste, face wash, wipes, shave gel, mascara, sun screens, makeup and much more.  It is creating superbugs.
  8. Heavy Metals- These are in paints even ones on toys, they are in fire retardants on fabrics, and even on our cookware in the form of nonstick surfaces.  But they are also in our foods caught in the ocean. But most of our exposure comes from produce grown in contaminated soil, that is not properly washed before we eat it.  These are toxic to our brain and nervous system.
  9. Artificial sweeteners  Chemical sweeteners are made in a lab. They disrupt hormone balance, they mess with gut health, they are addictive, they are neurotoxins, they promote over eating, they also cause fat to be deposited on the belly and thighs.
  10. GMO, antibiotic treated, or packaged foods  I am a huge advocate of sticking with a paleo type diet that is cooked from scratch without grains, and includes pastured animal products that are hormone and antibiotic free.  The grain industry is promoting genetically modified grains that are as addictive as cocaine and have a similar effect on the brain.  It is best to get our carbs from organic fruits and vegetables.

Thankfully, we can keep all of these products out of our home and away from our loved ones without having to compromise on quality!  It can all be replaced using products available from Young Living.  And, you can get all of them at 24% off retail as a member.  Below are just a few of my favorite products that keep our family clean and safe:

thieves body

Young Living have several different varieties of bar soap formulas to choose from with no harmful toxins.

thieves combo

Thieves multipurpose cleaner, laundry soap, and dish soap are highly concentrated. They work extremely well and are all non-toxic.

thieves oral

Young Living has a complete line of oral care items that are made from all natural, non-toxic ingredients for your oral health.

YL skin care

Young Living skin care regimens are safe and effective. They are made with essential oils for healthy skin of every type or age.

yl toiletries

Young Living shampoos, body wash, and conditioners are free of harmful chemicals and smell terrific from the fragrances of essential oils. They also have lotions.

yl lip balm

If you are not already making your own lip balm with essential oils, you can buy the ones offered by Young Living.

yl lip gloss

Even colors can be healthy with Young Living!

YL shave

Get a terrific shave that is good for your skin with Young living shaving products!

yl deoderant

Switch to a non-toxic deodorant as well.

You can take the first step to rid your home and bathroom of toxins and begin to incorporate the blessings of 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils in your home by becoming a member today.  The way to join is to purchase your premium starter kit and receive your everyday oils and diffuser.  You can then access the additional products at a wholesale price!  Start getting on the path to wellness today by clicking this link and ordering now:

Click here to order your kit.

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