Three Steps To Wellness


 Wellness.  We all desire to live well.  The goal here at Essential Wellness is to promote living ABOVE the Wellness Line.  It is not enough just to be “not sick”.  We need to function the way God designed us:  For optimal fulfillment and productivity.  Hint:  There is a quiz for you at the bottom of this post.

There are many factors that affect wellness.  But I believe there are just three main categories that dictate our level of functionality in our physical, mental, and spiritual health.  When we are lacking in any of the three areas we experience and drop in wellness.  Many of us are living day in and day out with gaps in one or all of the categories.  Each step is made of building blocks of things that go together to raise you up above the wellness line.  

The categories or steps are:

 Eliminating Toxins

Eliminating Deficiencies

Balancing our Energy

All the areas work together to create wellness.  So you can’t just focus on one.  You have to approach wellness holistically.  You have to recognize that we are not just dealing with the physical.  We have to address our inner, unseen life as well.  Let’s look at each category of wellness individually:

Eliminating Toxins:  Toxins are harmful foreign materials that we take in from our environment.  Toxins are in our air, our water, our food, and in various manmade chemicals all around us.  They can also be spiritual, mental or relational.  The goal of wellness is to systematically eliminate as much of these harmful things as we can from our lives.  You see, it is not enough just to put the good stuff in, we must also steward our lives to keep the bad stuff out.  In future posts I will speak about the chemical and environmental toxins we must eliminate, but let me just say that there are things we are allowing into our minds and spirits that are just as deadly.  Healthy boundaries for ourselves and others are needed to keep these poisons out.

Eliminating Deficiencies:  A deficiency is created with we fail to get the things we need to live a healthy life.  This involves good nutrition, but it also means we need to get good doses of Truth, Love, Peace, and all the other things that lead to mental and spiritual health.  We need things like sunshine, fresh air, clean water, music, and relationships that speak life.  Doing with these things will drag us down below the wellness line.

Balancing our Energy:  Functioning as optimal wellness means applying wisdom to our productivity.  We need to produce and we need to rest.  Getting these things out of balance creates stress.  We get out of balance when we fail to move, work, or create.  But we can also swing too far the other way when we fail to rest, sleep and play.  Our bodies are capable of so much.  But they also need times of restoration to heal.  The same is true of our minds and our emotions.  We must balance our energies through experiencing and recognizing thoughts and feelings and them expressing them outwardly in healthy ways.  We cannot overlook the spiritual aspect of this.  We need to deal with the stress and weight of spiritual problems like guilt, emptiness, and pride.  I am a Christ-follower and my testimony to you is that this wellness of spirit cannot be found apart from a relationship with God through Jesus.

I will be doing a new series of blogs on these topics and how they relate to wellness.  I will offer solutions to wellness problems and how essential oils can help support the body, mind and spirit on this journey.  So subscribe and check back often so you don’t miss any of my posts.  We will start with the issue of toxins first!

I’ll see you back here then.  But in the mean time, give some thought to your own level of wellness in all three of these areas.  To help you with that I am including a link to an excellent wellness quiz.  Click the link to take this free evaluation:  Got Oils? Wellness Quiz

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