Essential Oils For Weight Loss Support

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First let me say, I am not where I need to be with my weight.  But over the last two years I have lost 45 pounds.  It has been slow.  Sometimes, It’s been two steps forward and one step back.  But I am healthier and feel better than have in a decade.

Second, I want you to know that I write this through deep humility.  I would love to say there is a magic potion.  I would love to say it is easy.  But, anyone who has walked this path knows it is hard and the only magic comes from doing the hard things.

I have struggled with my weight for a long time.  I have tried every scheme in the book.  But I finally found what worked for me and I am still working.  For me, the culprit was an sluggish thyroid gland and love of comfort foods, mainly carbs.  I also found that food was a way to calm emotional turmoil and stress.  This combination was dangerous for me.

What I finally came up with was a plan that I could stick with forever.  I’m going to share this plan with you today and I’m going to explain how essential oils fit into that plan:


Step 1:  Get honest-  I had to admit that there was no quick way.  It had to be a complete change in dealing with nutrition, self image, and my emotional makeup.  I had to take stock of my actual current situation.  That meant assessing what I ate, when I ate, and why.  It also meant getting on a scale, going to a doctor, and making a plan with his guidance.  Knowing the true state of your health through blood work and an exam is important so you can track your progress.

Step 2:  Do some research-  For me, I knew that I needed to eat real food, made from scratch, with whole foods.  I decided to choose the Paleo diet.  I now eat foods as close to the way they grow as possible.  I eliminated sugar, grains and legumes because they were a source of inflammation which was damaging my thyroid. I still do some low carb dairy like limited cheese and real cream in my morning coffee.  But I mostly just eat meats, veggies, fruits and nuts.  For convenience I do eat Lara Bars occasionally.

Step 3:  Make a plan- Once you have decided what is doable for you and your needs, get rid of all the unhealthy options in your house.  Plan your menus.  Plan your grocery list.  Go shopping and stick to it.  I use the Emeal paleo plan for two.  It gives you your recipes, menus and shopping list via email each week.  I personally hate shopping so I also order all my dry goods from Amazon Prime Pantry and my produce from Mother Earth Produce.  They deliver for free and prime pantry is only $5.99 per box.  I get my shipments each Friday.  Since I’m cooking so much, that eliminates the hardest tasks.  One day a week we indulge in a meal that is free!  We need that to not feel deprived.  On that day for one meal we eat anything we want and celebrate it.

Step 4:  Get moving-When you are over weight, walking is a great workout.  I walk the hills in my neighborhood.  I also do body weight exercises (squats, pushups, planks, and lunges) at home and do yoga about 3 times a week.  Make a plan that can happen at home with no equipment in 30 minutes at a slot.  Aim for 3-5 times a week.

Step 5:  Find support-  I could not have made this adjustment if my husband had not done it with me.  You need someone in your life who can encourage you and check on your progress.  Tell the people in your life what you are doing and ask them to support you and not try to tempt you with things that you are eliminating.  Loneliness, self-hate, anxiety, boredom, and sadness are powerful emotions that cause us to feed ourselves as a way to numb the pain.  It works temporarily but it does not heal.  Dealing with these issues through counseling, or supportive relationships is a better way.

Once you do all this your are set for success!  But you will still need to deal with those reasons you identified for bad food choices.  And, you’ll need to support your body’s efforts at detoxing and healing.  That’s where the essential oil blessings start fitting in!  Below are the oils I use on a daily basis and what they do to help me lose weight:

Grapefruit oil-  activates an enzyme in your body that regulate energy and metabolism.  I add several drops to each glass of water I drink all day long.

Lemon oil-  Is a mood enhancer and has an energizing fragrance.  It also helps with detoxifying our cells so they release toxins they are holding and emulsifies the fat we eat.  I add a few drops of that to my water as well.

Peppermint oil-  Elevates mood, curbs craving, and suppresses appetite.  I put a drop right under my nose when I’m craving sugar.  I also make my own lip gloss with it so I can smell and taste it all day.

Cinnamon Bark oil-  I add a drop to my morning coffee.  It tastes amazing and it helps support healthy blood sugar levels.

Stress Away oil blend-  I rub this oil on my neck and shoulders when I’m feeling stressed or upset.  It smells so soothing and relaxes and calms me when I am tempted to eat from emotional stress.  I can make better choices that way.

Frankincense oil-  I diffuse this during my daily Bible reading, meditation and prayer.  This oil awakens my spiritual eyes and ears as I focus on my relationship with God.  It helps me set my intention to care for my body well so I can live a pleasing life to my heavenly Father.  It helps me set my heart’s affection on the Lord so I crave Him more than anything of an earthly nature.

Lavender oil-  I use Lavender oil in my detox bath salts.  It helps my body clear toxins, relax, and de-stress from the day.  I mix it with epsom salts and add it to a hot bath at the end of the day.

In my diffuser, I also add other oils to either energize or relax my home’s atmosphere.

I apply the following blend over my thyroid and on the bottoms of my feet on the inner area of ball of the foot each morning.  This area is the reflexology point that relates to the thyroid.  It is a support for the thyroid function which manages the metabolism.  It is not a replacement for my medication.  I still take my medicine each day.  If you are not on medication, you can still support your thyroid function with this blend.

Thyroid Blend: In a small glass jar 

25 drops lemongrass

15 drops Myrrh

25 drops Clove

10 drops Frankincense

2 Tbs. carrier oil ( I use coconut oil) 

I would encourage you to think and pray about how you can take control of your health.  Talk to your doctor about your intentions.  I am not a doctor and I am merely offering you the things that helped me.  I also drink NingXia Red drink twice a day for energy and added nutrition.

Starter Kit

Let me know if you would like to get started with essential oils!  You can join Young Living for free when you order your premium starter kit (Pictured above).  You will get a diffuser and 7 of the oils mentioned above are in the kit too.  You will get 12 oils total plus some samples of the Ningxia Red.  The price is $160.  Then you will be able to order additional oils at wholesale pricing of 24% off.  To place an order, visit my website by clicking here.


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