Why I Believe In Essential Oils


“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”  “In the beginning was the Word.  And the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  These scriptures speak to the power of our creative, triune God to speak something good from nothingness.  He spoke (frequency) and the world was made.  He used the earth to form a man, and a man’s rib to fashion a woman.  Then He breathed life into them.

Every God-made thing in the universe is made up of particles He made.  Each element on our periodic table is filled with a specific makeup of particles, each vibrating at a specific frequency and resonance.  As creation vibrates there is energy.  As light is absorbed there is energy.  As living creatures live there is energy. As we experience life we absorb and emit energy, all in the form of vibrations.  I think of these things involved in quantum physics and science as the echo of the voice of God from the origin of the world.  His voice still speaks to our spirits, minds, wills and emotions through his written word and our physical perceptions can sense Him in nature.  Creation testifies of His power and glory as well.

The science behind essential oils is based on these God-made compounds being concentrated into their purest and most profound forms.  Each oil has a frequency of its own.  These frequencies correspond to our physical and emotional world.  When they are used, they have a powerful effect.  As oils are inhaled, absorbed, or ingested, they affect us.

Here are some of the frequencies that have been isolated and studied according to Dr. Tenant

Human Brain 72-90 MHzEnergy Battery
Human Body (healthy, daytime) 62-68 MHz
Cold Symptoms 58 MHz
Flu Symptoms 57 MHz
Candida 55 MHz
Epstein Barr 52 MHz
Cancer 42 MHz
Death Begins 25 MHz
Processed/canned food 0 MHz
Fresh Produce up to 15 MHz
Dry Herbs 12-22 MHz
Fresh Herbs 20-27 MHz
Essential Oils 52-320 MHz

You can see that these frequencies can affect health.  Different oils can even affect us through the aroma they emit.  As we inhale them they access our limbic system through the brain.  These aromatic compounds can then impact our biochemistry sending hormones and neurochemicals to either calm and relax us or stimulate and activate us.  They affect blood pressure, sex hormones, muscle tension, emotional centers, pain receptors, heart rate, hunger, etc.  Using the vibrating aromatic compounds to achieve desired outcomes is the science of aromatherapy.

There is an entire world of healing and wellness contained in essential oils.  I believe that God created these natural substances for us to use for wellness.  People have been using them for centuries.  The Bible speaks of healing oils.  Even the wisemen brought them as a worship gift for the Christ Child thousands of year ago.  Essential oils are not some kind of hippie-dippie voodoo.  They are the meeting of science and nature.  They are God-made substances that can help us operate the way God intended and mitigate the effects of life on this fallen planet in our fallen bodies and sin corrupted minds.

I have experienced this for myself.  That is why I want to share it with others through providing information on how the oils can help balance and support our lives.  I encourage you to research this for yourself.  Decide if this resonates with you as truth.  If you would like to experience some oils for yourself, I can help you do that and point you in the direction of the most ethical, pure, and economical oils in the world.  I can also help you access these oils at a discounted rate through a Young Living membership and starter kit so you can begin diffusing, applying, and ingesting the most used oils in the line.  I can also provide you with education you need to get the most out of your oils.

There are links here on the Essential Wellness Facebook page to become a member, learn more and purchase the oils.  I thank you for taking time to learn about essential oils.  Please “Like” the page so you can see my posts.  I pray I can help you and your family with your wellness of body, mind, soul and spirit.

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