Young Living Essential Rewards Program Explained


Today’s post is an informative one. Especially if you are already a Young Living member, because I am going to tell you all about essential rewards, Further referenced as “ER” and explain it in an easy fashion since it was a bit confusing for me in the beginning.


Essential Rewards is Young Living’s monthly auto-ship program.This may sound scary to some. But, I assure you this is a GREAT word, which brings many benefits to you and your pocketbook, and your Young Living collection, which we will get to next.
Really y’all, there are so many. By being on the Essential Rewards program, you EARN money back on each of your ER orders, to be used on future YL orders. How great is that? Here is a breakdown of what you will earn, and when you will earn it:
Months 1-6 on Essential Rewards you will earn 10% back on your total ER order.
Months 7-12 on Essential Rewards you will earn 15% back on your total ER order.
Months 13-forever on Essential Rewards you will earn 20% back on your total ER order.

That is why it is good to go ahead and enroll in Essential Rewards EARLY on so you immediately can start earning your points back and so that the clock starts ticking so you can start receiving back 20% in no time. I am already receiving 20% back on my orders, and it helps tremendously!
You also receive reduced shipping on the Essential Rewards program and get priority on items when stock becomes low.
Also, Young Living frequently has extra promotions throughout each month, that allows you to earn EXTRA back, like 10%, or an extra $25 back in your ER account (if your order Point value meets the 190pv, 250pv, or 300pv requirements).
The Essential Rewards program is by far the most relaxed, customizable, and generous auto-ship program around. The only requirement is to spend 50pv (equivalent to about $50) monthly. And that is very easy to do. 😉

A few important things to make note of:
*You can change items in your essential rewards order EACH month. You DO NOT have to order the same thing each month. You can order whatever you want!
*You can change your ER date monthly, as many times as you’d like. So for instance if you had an ER order come out on the 10th of one month, you do not have to have it come out on the 10th of the following month. *You can change it to be sooner, or later, or whatever you want.
*You can even skip one month out of a calendar year and jump right back in the following month and still earn the same amount back as you were.
*You can change out the items in your ER cart up until midnight (mountain time) on the day of your ER order.
Well that’s simple. Above when I talked about the benefits of ER and you earning money, or points back in your ER account, you can take that money and cash it out for FREE products! Some people like to save up their points and have one really large free order, and some people use their points as they accumulate. It’s all up to you how you want to spend them. And again, YOU choose the items you want to get for free. The PV does need to have an equivalent cash value when using your ER points. All you pay for is the shipping when you place an Essential Rewards order, going through “Quick Order”.

I would like to add though, that when you initially sign up for Young Living with your Premium Starter Kit and wholesale account, you have the option of signing up for Essential Rewards that same day on the sign up page. That is where people get confused.
The only way to join essential rewards at the same time you buy your premium starter kit, is to order one of the essential rewards kits, which are shown to you on the sign up page. If there is a kit you are interested in and know you want to do ER immediately, then by all means go for it. Just know that you do not have to order that same kit again the next month.
I know that can be a little confusing, but I hope that helps explain it a bit better.
I have several friends already on Essential Rewards and are really raking in the points! And if you aren’t yet, just log in to your account in virtual office, click the essential rewards tab on the left, and pick your date and products. It’s really that easy.
Also, don’t forget that Young Living offers many more products than just oils. They have supplements, beauty items, personal care items like toothpaste, soap, shampoo, house cleaners etc. So think about replacing some of your store-bought items for YL items which are great for YOU, and earn something back while you do!
If you have any questions or are curious about oils or becoming a wholesale member, please visit this post that gives good information and has a link you can use to place your order or join.


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