How I Use Thieves Essential Oil Blend


This oil is amazing in so many ways.  It smells so good and it is irreplaceable for keeping my family healthy!  You can read even more about its formulation, uses and the full product line here.

These are the ways I use it most in my own home:

  1.  In My diffuser:  Diffusing this oil purifies the air in my home.  I keep it going when someone in our house is ill to keep everyone else from getting sick.
  2. Hand Sanitizer:  I rub a drop into my hands to sanitize them.  It smells great and kills germs with no alcohol.
  3. Mouthwash:  I put 20 drops in a glass bottle and fill up with water to rinse my mouth.  It freshens breath, keeps gums healthy, and kills germs.  a perfect gargle for a sore throat or canker sores too!
  4. Pain relief:  a drop on my thumb pressed to the roof of my mouth kills a sinus headache quick.  I have a friend who says it also kills toothache or teething pain.  It heals and cleanses cold sores and has a temporary numbing effect.  I use it as first aid for any minor injury to the skin.
  5. Upper respiratory infections:  At the first sign of a cold or sore throat I massage this oil into the lymph nodes of the neck. For sensitive skin dilute with coconut oil.   It kills the bacteria that causes strep throat.  It is absorbed and helps with recovery.

I keep a small bottle in my purse at all times for my hands.  I would never be without this in my home and medicine cabinet.  If you would like to try this product for yourself you can access my website to order here.

4 thoughts on “How I Use Thieves Essential Oil Blend

  1. Hi there…I just signed up and placed an order
    Where do I change my password,I used one they sent me?
    I’m so excited to try Thieves
    Can I defuse daily?

    • Hi there Lori! And Thank You! Welcome:) Log in to virtual office and go to the “My Account” tab on the left hand side of your dashboard. In that tab you will see a place to click “change password”. I’m sure you will love your oil. Did you join? If you join you will be able to get your oils for a wholesale discount. There is no obligation to sell. Let me know if I can help you in any way. Lori

  2. Hey Lori!
    This looks very interesting- could you recommend somewhere in the Charleston SC area to see and try these products? Although I am coming to Asheville for the Abundance conference in March… Thanks so much!

    • Hey Catherine! Great to hear from you. YL does not have brick and mortar stores. All sales are online. But a distributor near you probably teaches “intro to oils” classes where you can touch, see and smell the oils first, as well as learn about their uses. I found this one online who might be able to help you and may have some samples for you.

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